About MartechAsia

The world has witnessed a Martech boom over the last decade and has streamlined the industry in multiple ways, bringing in efficiency and scalability in marketing activities like never before. Asia is one of the fastest growing regions of the world and the businesses in this region have also embraced the Martech revolution.

However, there has been a gap in the market in terms of a credible hub of information where all things related to Martech could be found under one url in Asia.

ThinkLogic Pte Ltd, media owner of regional information portals – CybersecAsia, DigiconAsia and MartechAsia, has stepped in to fill this gap in the region with MartechAsia. This specialist portal aims to cover martech technologies such as adtech, marketing intelligence, content marketing, social media marketing, SEO and SEM and sales tech, among others.

Our team of highly experienced media professionals compile, create and curate the most relevant information and available tips/tools for leaders and decision makers in organizations across Asia so you can make better informed decisions and craft the right future-proofed strategies to achieve success in your marketing efforts.